My collection of all the books I’ve read, otherwise I’d forget.

To Read

  • Walden
  • Bowling Alone
  • The upswing
  • The loop
  • My beloved Brontosaurus
  • Masters of Doom
  • The Little Schemer
  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  • Programming Pearls. Read before but need to re-read
  • The Attention Merchants
  • The Age of Surveillance Capitalism



  1. Year of plagues: a memoir of 2020
  2. A game of thrones
  3. You never forget your first: a biography of George Washington
  4. Forward: notes on the future of our democracy
  5. A carnival of snackery: diaries (2003-2020)
  6. Out of Office: the big problem and bigger promise of working from home
  7. The Liar’s Dictionary
  8. Frequently Asked Questions About The Universe
  9. Fully Connected: surviving and thriving in an age of overload
  10. Dear Edward
  11. The Lie About The Truck
  12. Impact: How Rocks from Space Led to Life, Culture, and Donkey Kong
  13. The arsonists’ city
  14. The art of racing in the rain: a novel
  15. Extreme North: a cultural history
  16. Beasts before us: the untold story of mammal origins and evolution
  17. The cause: the American Revolution and its discontents, 1773-1783
  18. This way to the universe
  19. Saving Yellowstone : exploration and preservation in Reconstruction America
  20. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown
  21. Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age
  22. 100 things we’ve lost to the internet
  23. The backyard bird sanctuary : a beginner’s guide to creating a wild bird habitat at home
  24. Angels And Demons
  25. The Davinci Code
  26. The nowhere office: reinventing work and the workplace of the future
  27. The Founders’ Fortunes
  28. Nasty, Brutish, and Short
  29. The Smartphone Society
  30. The Lost Symbol
  31. Take Up Space, The Unprecedented AOC
  32. One Person, One Vote: A surprising history of gerrymandering in America
  33. The Right: The Hundred Year War For American Conservatism
  34. Inferno
  35. the Upswing
  36. Origin
  37. The First Populist
  38. The Little Book of Big Ethical Questions
  39. The Founding
  40. The Cage
  41. A World Without Ice
  42. Write For Your Life
  43. White Evangelical Racism
  44. Suspicious Minds
  45. Stolen Focus
  46. Blink
  47. The obstacle is the way
  48. Lean in
  49. The art of taking it easy
  50. Educated: A memoir
  51. The forgotten 500
  52. Ego is the enemy
  53. The vanishing half
  54. Unlikely animals
  55. Lights out
  56. Essentialism
  57. You’re not listening
  58. Range
  59. How the world really works
  60. The Shallows: What the internet is Doing to Our Brains
  61. Maybe you should talk to someone
  62. How not to die alone
  63. Eragon
  64. Eldest
  65. Digital Madness: How Social Media Is Driving Our MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS and How To Restore Our Sanity