Local Trails

A place for me to keep notes about trails around me in upstate NY. I'll try to keep things relevant to others, but this will mostly be my own notes on things. I also might add photos I've taken later on.

Clifton Park (and surrounding towns)

My home town, while not filled with a lot of trails, does have a few nice ones.

Garnsey Park

Garnsey Park is a small sized local trail/park located at 1481 NYS-146, Rexford, NY 12148. It consists of just over 150 acres of meadows, fields, and woods located at the far end of Western Clifton Park. When you pull into the gravel parking lot, the first two things that you see are the Rexford Veterans Memorial and a memorial garden. The garden is wonderful place to see butterflies in late Spring/early Summer.

The park functions as a way to maintain the grassy meadows necessary for lots of local critters and birds that live and thrive in these environments. My favorite that you'll see are either the Blue Birds or the Tree Swallows, one of whom kept me some company when I was there by myself in early March.

There are a couple of trails that are marked throughout the park, but in my opinion most of them are not worth it. I don't know if it's because of the way the park was constructed or what, but most of the trails are wet and muddy throughout the entire year. I know that in NY we joke that we have "mud season" in between Spring and Summer, but Garnsey is no joke when it comes to it. The "Blue Bird" trail is nice but mostly muddy, and the yellow(?) mile long loop around the back half of the park that is in the heavily wooded section has puddles that are a couple inches deep throughout most of the trail yearround. But, if you follow the orange(?) trail to the right, and then take a left when you get to the large meadow to go around the meadow the long way towards the bench at the top, it's mostly dry and you'll have a wonderful chance of spotting wildlife. Just past this bench at the top, you'll see the entrance for the yellow and white trails. For mud reasons don't bother with the yellow, but the white trail is a nice roughly quarter mile long tromp through the woods. Make sure to look up and you might get lucky and see one of the resident Red Tailed Hawks.

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