Software Engineering

My personal opinions on software engineering, and links to interesting things.

Code Reviews

The following are my opinions on performing code reviews.

Be Nice

It should go without saying, but please be nice when performing code reviews. For everything you think something should know, please remember that you can instead take the chance to educate one of todays lucky 10,000. Code reviews are a wonderful place to learn new techniques, tips, and tricks, but they only work that way if everyone agrees going into them that everyone can learn something from everyone else. It doesn't matter if a Staff+ engineer puts up the code, even a brand new intern can teach something, especially by just asking a question about why or how something works. Let's keep this profession open and fun, okay?

Using Emoji

Using emoji's in code review can help maintain the balance between stiff-corporate style reviews and willy-nilly let anything slide reviews. Neither extreme is good, but if you're going to spend time reviewing someones code, you might as well throw a little fun into it.

I won't rehash this here, just follow the Code Review Emoji Guide.

Reading List

A list of everything I think people should read related to Software Engineering uncategorized. Most things are blog posts unless otherwise stated. The recommended way to go through this is just seeing if a title grabs your attention and reading it.

Be warned, some of these things are old. In my mind that is okay_, but you may disagree.

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