This site

Welcome to the page about how this site is made. It's really quite simple.

This site used to be hosted as described below, but now it's hosted on Github pages in repo. I made the change because it's much simpler this way.

This is old. First, everything is hosted on a CentOS 7 server at Digital Ocean. The page that you're looking at right is being served by Nginx which I personally prefer over Apache as I find the configuration easier. Finally, everything is just stored as simple html files that I make by hand in emacs. So every time I make a change I just run quick rsync and I'm all set.

Why this way?

Now, you may be wondering as someone who spends all my work time writing Python and Javascript to run on docker containers and AWS Serverless platforms, it may seem weird that I'm harking back to the "old days" on the web (cough indie web cough), especially as someone who wasn't even on the web during then. But it can really be summed up as just giving me joy to do things mostly "handmade" without having to physically type out html tags. I don't want to spend my personal time wrangling dependencies or anything even remotely close to that. I never want to look at a Github issue while writing something for the site. I just want to sit here and write, and that's what I can do with this setup.

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