I frequently find that while I think I may understand something, when I go to write about it I realize that I don’t. Unlike when speaking, there’s something about writing that really forces you to think about what you’re saying.

During conversation, you and the other person can both be thinking about something completely different, and you can still have a conversation. But when you write, you have to be thinking about what you’re writing. In my mind, this is a good thing. It forces you to think about what you’re saying, and to make sure that you’re saying what you think you’re saying. It also helps remove those situations where you are saying one thing and the other person is hearing something completely different. I think that is just harder to do when writing or reading the written word.

Given the above, I am going to start writing more. I have no hope that anyone will ever read this, but by forcing myself to get things out there, I hope to improve my thinking and communication with others.